Ram K. Pudasaini says “Hospitality industry is direct connected with tourism industry”

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Ram K. Pudasaini | Fusion Bar Manager | Dwarika’s Hotel, Kathamandu

How did you entered the hotel industry in Nepal?

After I completed my graduation I desired to have a skillful knowledge and since I had an interest in hospitality I took a training of F&B and later on I selected beverage as an specialty and now I am working in Dwarika”s hotel as Bar Manager . How was your starting days in this Hotel Industry? At the beginning it was really tough, as we all know our society never used to takes hotel industry as a good profession. But now the things have changed. How long did you served for Dwarika”s Hotel ? Since 5 years. How do you see Dwarika’s future in Nepal? I see Dwarika has a bright future ahead since it possess a long term vision and hardworking members always by its side.

What do you have to say to those students studying hotel management and to those who want to make this sector as their career option?

You have asked very important and interesting question, now a days I see that our youths are heading abroad in search of better future, but if you have skill in your hand we have got lots of opportunities in Nepal itself. If you talk about hospitality industry, it has occupied huge percent of vacancies in any of the country. If you have skill and knowledge about hotel industry then you can built you can built your carrier anywhere, weather its UAE or USA and in Nepal as well.

What is your advice for the development of hospitality industry in Nepal?

First of all government plays a very vital role in the development of this industry, they must have proper town planning. Then comes businessman and then comes society. Hospitality industry is directly connected with tourism industry, if we advertise tourism effectively then it will very beneficial for the hospitality industry.

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