एनआरएनए अध्यक्ष आरके शर्मा र महासचिव बुद्दी सुवेदीद्वारा परराष्ट्रमन्त्रीलाई ५ बुँदे ज्ञापनपत्ररेडियन्ट सेमिफाइनलमाएन्जल्स हार्ट बास्केटबलको फाइनलमासानलाई अझ मजबुत बनाउन आवश्यक– सदस्य–सचिवनेप्सेम्याक सन्देश सार्वजानिकीकरण तथा कर्मचारी प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न"रोटरी क्लब अफ कपनको डिजी भिजिट कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न"आज मंसिर २१ गते बिहीबार हेर्नुस् राशिफलनेत्रहिन क्रिकेट प्रतियोगिताको उपाधि वाग्मति काठमाडौलाईअपाङ्गता भएका महिलाहरू विरुद्धको हिंसा, नीतिगत सवाल र न्यायमा पहुँच विषयमा कार्यशाला गोष्ठीको आयोजनाब्लड क्यान्सबाट पीडित बालकको उपचारमा सहयोगको अपिल

Awareness for Tourism and Tourism forDevelopment !

न्यूजलाईन्स् मिडिया संवाददाता
प्रकाशित मिति : २०७४ मंसिर १० गते, आईतवार ०९:३७

A person who is going with advocacy for Tourism of Nepal since many years and talking on FM Radios, Televisions , News papers and sharing time to communicating in mass of people. He is a founder Chair Person of Tourism Planet NepalAn Advisor of Nepal Promotion and Exhibition Department  TAAN , A Social worker with a well Experienced of Sales and Marketing. We are talking with Mr. Bijay Kumar Dhakal !

 Mr. Bijay, what made you to jump in this journey to Promote Tourism of Nepal?

Sir, Actually I don’t know what is Tourism and what we can return from? But I know what a product is and where to share and SALES! We have Planet best products in Adventure. Here is no any comparison with the High Himalayas of Nepal. We are blessed with Mt Everest and Everest is best DIAMOND of the Planet and many Diamonds are dancing in Nepal. Just here is lacking of Imaginer of Sales and connecting the products in matching markets. I just tried to aware the responsible head.

What return you are looking for?

Not I am looking. The country is waiting for a mass opportunity for Youths of whole Nation and Tourism is great Pocket to Creating JOBS and opportunity.

What do you think; Adventure is enough or any other products too?

Nepal is known as a country of Nature and Adventure. And diversity of Cultures is a great additional asset. Religious and Historic monuments are great path to connect Mass tourism in Nepal. Lumbing for Buddhist and Shree Pashupati Nath andJanakpur for whole Hindu of the World!

What do you think about the Infrastructure?

Sir, What do you think about the Sources of Income? Nepal is generating more than Nrs –1 billion (USD 10 Million) each year by a one single body but where are going this FUNDSLease search / track the FUNDS and we will have entire Infras. It takes little bit times but Dream of developments are no far.

What do you think about to AWARE the people on Tourism?

These days, people have great awareness about tourism but need to more continuity with the slogan – ATITHI DEVA BHAVA / GUEST IS GOD! Need awareness on Tourism and benefits for future generation. Awareness activities by major stakeholders Nationwide.

What do you think about Air connectivity?

Days are going to be changed. What I had seen yesterday those are not today and what are going today it will not be tomorrow. Because I had forecasted on 2014 about the Aviation activities what comes in future and today we can see on TIA!

What do you think about political challenges?

Corruption is great Cancer and some where it begins from there but they are not the 100% central character. Corruption is growing as Culture in civil society too and We must have to clean this dust first from our side.

What is the impact of Earth quake ?

Earth Quake totally downed our Dream but 16 to 17 percentage tourism areas are only affected. Others are completely ready to serve all. Our stakeholders are totally absent to explore this news on proper time. East, West , Mid west and Far West were / are totally safe for any Domestic or International Tourist. This is / was the missing of Marketing.

In Finally what future you are looking for tourism of Nepal?

The question has to go with major stakeholders of Tourism Sector. Because they are the FUND holder and it depends how they are operating the business? There are no any doubts that Nepal is highly fertile by products of Tourism but lacking of Intension of Operation the Business Globally. Need basic long term marketing with visionary thought not Freezing the FUNDS.At last “Bikash ko laagi Paryatan ra Paryatan ko laagi JaanChetana” / Awareness for Tourism and Tourism forDevelopment !

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