Movement of anti-corruption & in downtroddem farmers

न्यूजलाईन्स् मिडिया संवाददाता
प्रकाशित मिति : २०७४ मंसिर १० गते, आईतवार ०९:५६

Interview with Senior left Democratic leader

Lok Krishna Bhattrai – Chairman of  “Astaja Abhiyan” Nepal

What do you feel about the Country’s situation?

We should be positive, the situation of the country is normal . The new constitution is on the way to its endorsement. And I think there should be election process of three tire & federal republic. The parties should come in national reconciliation.

But regional parties-like Madhesi Morcha is not coming in election unless two state in Terai, So is it possible?

Madhesi friends should come in the unity with pahadi & Himali people. They should realize it. Our state should be related with our two Neighbour China in the North & India in the South.  So at this time, of the first constitute assemblies, I have propose 3 federal province from North to South naming Koshi-Gandaki-Karnali in their riverside region and 19 sub province as Kirat, Kochila(Birat), Mithila, Bhojpura, Abadh, Tamu, Gandaki, Magrat,  Lumbini, Khosan, Mahakali & Karnali etc. That can represent the aspiration of people’s demand in their identity & federation of 3 region can conduct economically viably. So to amend the constitution, 3 major parties & Madheshbadi parties should compromise in this agenda. That can help to build the nation soon.

Now you are conducting the movement to save the nature-i.e. Astaja Abhiyan- what activities of this organization doing nowadays by this movement ?

Our movement is prevailing now in 65 district of the country. Now we are going to build the movements to frame the organization in remaining district soon. We oppose the regressive policy of Govt. & parties towards the farmers and natural beauty. Now we are trying to build mass movement to make production relation better to build the prosperous country .

You are writing a book on “Nepalese civilization”- When it will be published?

Nepal is first sovereign country in the world. Nepalese civilization is the first civilization in the world. In between Maansarobar, Karnali, Gosaikunda, Gauri prabat  TO  Kashmir himalayas,human civilization had occured. Then it increased in the bank of other rivers as Kali gandaki, Kausiki, Karnali, Mahakali to Ganga river now in India. At that time, the cultural civilization of Nepal is in till to Mathura, Yamuna river. It will published and soon will be available in the market.

You have spent your many years in jail in the rule of monarch. Now it is republic but you are still in the street. What do you feel  about your  life?

I feel more good about the republic. Now we should built movement of Moral, movement of Anti-corruption & movement in downtroddem  farmers.

Foreign intervention is common now. What should be done? What do you feel?

We should oppose foreign intervention in our soil. To check/stop this, we should start production movement with warfooting by making & forming our own capital. We have great natural resources of as Astaja’s. This should be used & developed properly, the foreign intervention will automatically minimised.

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