Akkal Bahadur Tamang recipient of many awards for his exemplary work, for development in rural areas

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Akkal Bhadur Tamang was born in Kavrepalanchowk, Chappapokhri. Born in a poor family Akkal mother asked him not to continue school , but somehow he managed to pass SLC from his village. After that he shifted to Kathmandu with Rs 50 in his pocket. He a had dream that he had to do something for the poor. However life in Kathmandu was not easy. He got himself admitted in I.Com night college. During the day he would sell merchandise on a cycle. While pursuing his third year he got an opportunity to go to South Korea.  He worked in Korea for a period of 8 years. During his stay in Korea he had an opportunity to learn a lot a things.

After returning from Korea Nepal Korea Culture Exchange and Social Organization. He the arranged scholarships for economically weak students.  Akkal has travelled extensively all over Europe and other countries. Below are extracts of his work in different fields of development concentrated in the rural areas of Nepal.

Humanitarian Award
Akkal sets up .Medical camps four times round the year in the remote areas of Sindhupalchowk , Made Tanauha and Bandipur. These villages have no access to medical facilities whatsoever. These medical camps helps them to address their medical problems.  The diseases mainly found are arthritis due to immense walk up and down the hill and utreus related problems in women.Prior to setting up these camps the villagers are informed very well in advance about the sechdules of the health camp for maximum participation. In this context out the numerous medical camps a remarkable one is a medical camp that was set up in Mude received 600 patients in one day. A total number of 34 doctors which included foreign doctors was quite interesting. People seemed very excited about the health camp.
 Clean and Green city
Clean and Green city was started with a view that to avoid getting sick is better than getting cured. If the environment is clean the chances of falling sick is very less.U dear this program volunteers cleaned the areas of Japan. Tree plantation were held. It is contious program which is conducted on a regular basis.
Relief and disaster management during the deadly earthquake in Nepal in 2015
After the deadly earthquake in 2015 people were homeless, displaced and in utter shock and confusion due to loss if their dear ones and  the destruction of their houses. It was totally a sad and very difficult phase for the Nepali people. Akkal too was very shocked at the same time  he wanted to help the victims. With this Mission Akkal got his
Volunteers to the 14 most affected areas of the earthquake. He provided the victims with food, blankets, medicines a d other necessary supplies. The victims with trauma spytoms were given counselling. This helped the victims to bring sense and courage in their next plan of action.
Akkal also built 30 houses in Kavre district and 20 houses in Sindhupalchowk to accommodate the homeless people. His selfless acts were also rewarded Internationally. Akkal was awarded with Volunteer of the year award by USA in 2016 May and in October  USA awarded him for his outstanding and eexemplary humatarian work.
Path to success:  This training program sponsored by Germany deals with good governance.  Akkal explains abut this program
 He and his volunteers were taught that even for small matters you  could to plan to achieve success. For an example  if you plan and be cautious you can successfully walk along the small trails of the village.
In the event of conversation with Akkal he feels that he has not done enough in this field of social work. He says he has been doing social work as instructed by the INGOs. He now wants to identify areas of work himself and implement such works.
The education sector: After the earthquake the Government started building schools rapidly. These school have limited rooms not adequate for the increasing number of students. Akkal has so far built classes in 4 schools in the districts of Solukhumbhu and Tanahau. Akkal.has also providing financial assistance to 22 poor students studying in the districts of Gorkha, Solukhumbhu and Tanahau.
Gunisses World Record: This was done under the campaign of Buddha was born in Nepal.  A total of 70,000 people gathered in the open ground of Tundikhel and read the Holy scriptures of the Buddhists in one voice together in complete harmony. Since this record was done in a national level the award will be conferred to him by the Prime Minister and the President of Nepal.
The importance of volunteers:
According to the views of  Akkal volunteers are required for the development of Nepal. He cites an example of South Korea as an living example. South Korea was a very poor country 47 years back, in fact poorer than Nepal. The South Koreans build up a network of volunteers all over Korea. With the help of these volunteers South Korea developed so rapidly that today it stands as one the most developed countries in Asia.
Akkal wants to follow this pattern for the development of remote villages in Nepal.
He further states that a particular fund given to an NGO for development is distributed at about 3 to 4 levels and then only the fund is utilized for the actual project. Which means a literal example of Rs 5 crorer given to a NGO for development . When it first reaches the final destination Rs 3 crorer is only left for the project. Rs 2 crorer goes into the pockets of the NGO, the local NGO in the village, different committes and the contractors.
Akkal with his team of volunteers do the work themselves in the villages which the aided amount to be utilized 100%.
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