Meghan Markle demands a limit of two children on the Royal Wedding ceremony

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Markle is reportedly very conscious of her effect on the environment.

Meghan Markle is reportedly very clear about her plans for babies — and her limit in the matter.

As the Royal Wedding took place and close to a billion people around the world watched the American actress become the newest member in the royal family, there was also much attention on when the couple could be having babies. A new report from Radar Online revealed that Meghan Markle is indeed thinking about getting pregnant, but not any more than twice.

The report claimed that the 36-year-old actress wanted to create a “sustainable family,” which meant having no more than two children so they could limit their impact on the environment and climate change.

“Meghan is big on humanitarian work and appearing to care about the earth,” the insider told Radar Online. “She feels having what she thinks of as a ‘sustainable family’ would fly in the face of this, so she wants to limit the number of children she and Harry have to just two.”

The source went on to say that Meghan Markle may be feeling some pressure from within the royal family to have children — and to do it soon. There had been past reports that family members were pressuring Prince William and Kate Middleton into having kids, and Meghan reportedly feels pressure to match the other royal couple’s three children.

The idea of Meghan Markle imposing a limit on children in an effort to be environmentally conscious would not be to far-out of a concept. Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that a number of couples are deciding not to have children or to limit their children due to their concerns for the environment and climate change.

If the report about Meghan Markle imposing a limit on the number of children she wants to have is true, she may have a friend in Kate Middleton. Past reports had indicated that Duchess Kate always dreamed of having exactly three children and imposed a limit of her own, though some of these reports have been off the mark. For example, last summer the Express reported Kate she put her foot down and demanded to Prince William that they would not have a third child. The couple ended up welcoming their third baby last month.

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