Independent Trekking Guide Cooperative. The Company which carries social responsibility

न्यूजलाईन्स् मिडिया संवाददाता
प्रकाशित मिति : २०७५ जेष्ठ २७ गते, आईतवार ०६:४८

Jagat Lama has had a life filled with struggle, before he established his own Trekking company Independent Trekking Guide Cooperative. His peregrination in the Trekking business commenced 27 years ago from a Porter to a Trekking Guide and ultimately the owner of his own Trekking Company. The nature of his Trekking company defers to the rest as Independent Trekkers Guide Cooperative’s objective is not only to reap profits but a certain amount of the profit goes to the upliftment of the poor people belonging to backward places and community. Mr Lama relishes to term his cooperative as a social oriented business.

From the certain proceeds of the profit Mr Lama has established a health clinic which is equipped with fundamental medical facilities and additionally runs ambulance. Mr Lama has built a 7 km road connecting Nuwakot to Kathmandu. He withal has brought electricity to his village. Nuwakot which for many years was a remote place is now gradually developing. Mr Lama withal reconstructed the school that he studied in as a child. He built a 8 room building for the school.It is a lower secondary school.Mr Lama feels building infrastructure is not only enough the community must additionally have income engendering projects for sustainability. Mr Lama ergo has commenced coffee plantation and ginger engenderment. He further verbalizes Nuwakot’s land is very felicitous for coffee plantation with its altitude and fertile soil.

With his frequent visits abroad he now exports coffee to Finland, Estonia and Germany. He has now withal getting inquiries from his friends in the USA for orders. All these development works in his native village would not have been possible without the fortification of his Trekking clients who ardently donate mazuma for his noble work who are mainly Americans. How was this conception engendered? Mr Jagat Lama belongs to the indigenous Tamang community in Raswa District which was impecuniosity stricken. He was born in a poor family of ten siblings. Two of them died due to the lack of medical treatment. Mr Lama verbalizes he was fortuitous to be edified but that was a coincidence. He was very sick as a child and he could not work in the fields. He was considered useless by his community.

Fortuitously under the Regime program a school was established. The teacher would teach under the tree. Since he was incapable of manual work his parents sent him to school. Among the ten siblings he is the only one who is inculcated. One day his father met with a accident which was quite fatal, by falling from a tree. There was no medical treatment available in the village. He father was treated by local witch medicos. During this arduous period his father told him that he had hope from Mr Lama that he could do something for the development of his village which was so very rearward. These words of his father always remained at the back of his mind . With this inspiration from his father he strives to consummate his dream.

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