Dipendra Kandel Initiative To Open Its First International Office in Harare, Zimbabwe

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19 September 2018

The Office of Dipendra Kandel

Dipendra Kandel Initiative, a concept of Organizational Think-Tank, new to many and perhaps first of its kind in Nepal, has taken a giant leap: it will soon be working globally. The President of the Initiative, Public sector Innovator Er. Dipendra Kandel announced that the Initiative is giving a kick-start of its first international office in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, a nation which completed its presidential elections recently. In a recent communication from Delhi, India, where Mr. Kandel is finalizing his plans, he confirmed the news.

“This step will bring not only the challenges to the organization but also, the opportunities to empower the Economic Government of Zimbabwe through the Public Sector Innovation” Mr. Kandel briefed our news department about the scope of the organization in the African nation.

Dipendra Kandel Initiative is collaborating with the Mohammed Bin Rashid School Of Government (MBRSG) established by the Emir Of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President Of UAE. The MBRSG is famous for its innovation in the field of Public Sector besides multidisciplinary courses it offers to international figures and institutions. In addition to this, DKI gets direct support from the researchers of the Hertie School Of Governance (HSG), Berlin and Lee Kuan Yew School Of Public Policy (LYSPP), Singapore.

Mr. Kandel further reiterated that such influential work with the government of Zimbabwe will completely be based on the research through the interns at Masters and Doctoral Level. Ph.D. faculty members of MBRSG, HSG and LYSPP will supervise them. “I have an interest in promoting the economic links with the United Arab Emirates through the Sister City Relations”, he added.

According to Mr. Kandel, UAE and Zimbabwe are supposed to engage in the Low Skilled Labour force and the construction companies like EMAAR and DAMAC to assist in Zimbabwe. Kandel says, “Our project includes the airport infrastructure improvement in Zimbabwe and it will be proposed to the government through the support of Bechtel company, the leaders in the aviation construction since 125 years”. Furthermore, the project will require considerable volumes of road-building, tractor, truck, and quarry equipment, he added.

“This is why the Dipendra Kandel Initiative has decided, as a first step, to open its first international office in Harare, Zimbabwe,” Kandel said. He added His Excellency, Stewart Nyakotyo will chair the Dipendra Kandel Initiative in Zimbabwe with plans to establish the office by the end of 2018. Our presence in Harare would enhance the economic cooperation not only with the United Arab Emirates but also with other nations, Er. Kandel said.


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