• First Batch of Global Ambassadors Leadership Institute graduated in Nepal

    न्यूजलाईन्स् मिडिया संवाददाता
    प्रकाशित मिति : ३ असार २०७६, मंगलवार २०:४८

    Oklahoma based Non Profit Organization Happy World Foundation hosted Global Ambassadors Leadership Institute
    in Nepal for the first time and successfully graduated 11 scholars with a legislative citation from Oklahoma State Government.The Graduation ceremony was conducted in
    GATE Vocational FAB school, chorepatan Pokhara on 14th June.

    The scholars learnt in detail about global issues and the methodologies to enhance and perfom leadership attributes. The first batch in Nepal graduated 11 scholars among which Nepali Padman, Ashwin Karki and Glocal teen hero 2018
    ,Prashansha KC and 9 other similar scholars graduated. Nepali Padman Ashwin Karki said that he is blessed to have enrolled to this platform
    where he started his life changing project – Menstural hygiene. He also thanked the organization for incubating his project and giving him a new identity and purpose.

    Secretary of Ministry of Social Development, Gandaki Province Mr. Dirga Narayan Poudel inaugurated the graduation event and highlighted the role of youths in
    changing the community and nation . He also expressed his gratitude towards the organization for launching this platform in Nepal.

    The Global Ambassadors Leadership Institute in Nepal was launched in 2017. The facilitator for Global Ambassadors Leadership Institute
    for Nepal and organization`s Executive director for Asia, Mr. Sunil Phuyal stated that the first batch stood tremendously successful. He is expecting the second batch to
    stand out too. He selected Ashwin Karki and Prashansha Kc to be in the facilitators coordinating team, who were also honored with the mark of excellence for their grades over 3.95. The graduating scholars Ashwin Karki, Anu Pokherel, Anupama Puri , Kabita Thapa, Muna Thakuri , Ranju Mainali , Parbati Adhikari , Sanju Gautam , Sri Chandan Jaiswal
    Prashansha Kc, Shreya Pandey were also appointed as the global ambassadors to the organization where they will lead firther the same project they conducted as scholars. The best performer of the batch award was presented to Mr. Ashwin Karki.

    Mr. Sunil Phuyal is expecting to release the form for the new batch of the Global Ambassadors Leadership Institute very soon. He mentioned that these kinds of platforms
    where leadership qualities are recognised/developed and enhanced will create more potential leaders like ashwin karki , prashansha kc and 9 others. He also mentioned that
    the value of true leadership lies in creating more leaders.
    Mr. Sunil Phuyal was one of the scholars four years back in the global platform of Global Ambassadors Leadership Institute. He was selected from over 2000 applicants from 137 countries
    around the world to a batch of 20 where he completed the graduation as the topper of the batch. He was then honored with a green seal – legilative citation from
    the state governemnt of Oklahoma. He comes from a civil engineering background with 2 national level competition awards and currently works with interest in social civil
    engineering and more specifically in environment protection and climate change. He has showcased outstanding leadership attributes at local level NGO`s, Youth Movements , Leo Clubs and
    as a student.

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