• Er Dipendra Kandel Issues Personal Statement Demanding Same Air Fare

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    KATHMANDU, NEPAL 18 DECEMBER 2019: In a personal statement, made on 18 December 2019, Er. Dipendra Kandel requested that Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister, H.E. Yogesh Bhattarai immediately implemented the policy of having the same domestic air fare for both international and domestic passengers.

    Er. Kandel, who was grateful for the Minister’s recent announcement, demanded that such words be turned into actions. This is especially before Nepal Tourism Year 2020, the country’s initiative to encourage more than two million tourists to visit Nepal during the year.

    Er. Dipendra Kandel, in his statement, claimed that if swift action is not taken, this has the potential to impact Nepal Tourism Year 2020.

    This is as the standing policy may firstly, upset international tourists who will feel exploited by Nepal. Secondly, if international organisations and stakeholders such as the World Tourism Organisation and the International Civil Aviation Organisation discover Nepal champions such policies, this may result in them taking action against the state. This will only hinder the great potential the tourism initiative has.

    The Office of Dipendra Kandel thanks H.E. Yogesh Bhattarai for his work so far as the Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister. However, as the personal statements requests, immediate action must be taken. For, it is imperative to look after the needs of the international passenger, especially before Nepal Tourism Year 2020.

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