• एनआरएनए आईसिसीमा अस्ट्रेलियाबाट गणेश केसीले उपाध्यक्षमा उम्मेदवारी दिनेमधेश प्रदेश नाम राखेकोमा चुरेभावर लोकतान्त्रिक पार्टीको विरोधआज नेप्से ३८.३५ अंकले घटेर दुई हजार ८ सय ९८ दशमलब ३१ विन्दुमानेकपा (माओवादी केन्द्र समाजवादी) द्धारा आगामी २ वर्षभित्र कम्युनिष्ट सम्मेलन गर्ने घोषणा, यस्तो छ उद्देश्यनिर्वाचनको डरबाट मुक्त हुन प्रधानमन्त्री देउवालाई आग्रह गर्छु, सडक संघर्षबाट निर्वाचनको लागि बाध्य पार्नु नपरोस : पोखरेलनिर्वाचनको हकमा संविधान वा कानूनको परिधिभन्दा एक दिन पनि बाहिर नजाने भन्ने प्रधानमन्त्रीको चाहना छ : मीन विश्वकर्मानम्रता अर्यालको अभिनयमा "निस्ठुरी माया बोलको म्युजिक भिडियो सार्वजनिकदेश बनाउने रहर भन्छन मानिससार्वजनिक स्थानमा हिँडडुल गर्न खोपकार्ड अनिवार्यमध्य तराईमा दिन प्रतिदिन चिसो बढ्दै

    3rd Global International Conference ll be held on 11 December

    न्यूजलाईन्स् मिडिया संवाददाता
    प्रकाशित मिति : १३ मंसिर २०७८, सोमबार २१:२७

    Kathmandu-Global College International is going to organize 3rd Global International Conference. Global College International jointly with Global College of Management, Global Institution for Policy Research and Development and other media and career partners conference ll be held on 11 December.

    On 29th of Nov 2021, Global College International held a press meet program in order to impart information about the conference. The conference program ll be held under the chairmanship of Prof. Pushkar Bajrachary, who is also the president of Global College International.

    Principal of Global College International Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna who has been the conference convener welcomed the guests and media representative with a highlight on the main theme of the conference. Dr. Thagunna informed the national media together with the students, faculty and staff of Global College announce the final preparation accomplished for 3rd Global International Conference that is now ready to take place on 11th Dec 2021 ( 25 Mansir2078). The 3rd GIC, as relayed at the meet by Dr. Thagunna, is solely to impart research knowledge concerning the global trends and research in management. It will bring to the foresome new debates, discussions and discourse relating 7 different themes and streams of management. It will also inform the participants, lots of challenges and opportunities that seem to prevail and are emerging in the field of management education and research amid and since COVID-2019.

    Dr. Dev Raj Paneru, IQAC director of Global College International whose role has been the coordinator for the 3rdGlobal International Conference mentioned the 3rd GIC captures the vision of Global College International and it is to connect curricula with corporate through research and innovation. As such, the 3rd Global International Conference is being addressed by distinguished leaderships reputed in the policy levels of Nepal governance, stakeholders, international professionals and professors.

    Reporting confirmation from the experts, Dr. Paneru informed new milestones added to this 3rd edition of Global International Conference. It was due tothe success of Global College as the organizer of the event on inviting 16 International professorsfrom 16
    different Universities operating at different parts of the global settings. The eminent speakers will shed light on different aspects that matter in the management of finance, IT, entrepreneurship, marketing, small and medium businesses amid and since the break out of COVID-pandemic and in the post COVID when we are obliged to find ways of new normal.

    As a unique feature, the 3rd edition of Global International Conference has adjoined the panel discussion as the last session of the conference to be addressed by experts and policy speakers invited exclusively from finance and bank sector. The panel discussion will be chaired by Dr. TilakRawal, the former governor of Nepal Rastra Bank. 6 guests of honor will contribute to discuss the issue: Financial Management and Transparency for Sustainable Development (Nepal).

    Dr. Dev Raj Paneru reported more than 1000 plus delegates, researchers, faculty, students, corporate leaders, experts, and speakers from national and international reputes invited to participate in the 3rd Global International Conference in virtual mode on ( Saturday) 11 Dec 2021

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