Meeting of Pakistani Ambassador to Nepal Abrar H. Hashmi with Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister

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Kathmandu – Pakistani Ambassador to Nepal Abrar H Hashmi has met Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane.

In a meeting held at the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday, Ambassador Abrar said that there should be a discussion on the pending agreement on crime control between Nepal and Pakistan and that Pakistan should emphasize on establishing good relations at the civil level through coordination and cooperation at the club level in sports including cricket.

The Pakistani ambassador also raised the issue of achieving mutual demographic and cultural benefits by holding a high-level meeting between Nepal and Pakistan. In addition, he congratulated the Home Minister for establishing himself as the leader of the youth and the agent of change.

Home Minister Lamichhane expressed his best wishes to the people of Pakistan saying that he is confident that the recently concluded elections will contribute significantly to the establishment of a permanent government and peace.

He said that Nepal is a suitable country for investment and for that, necessary policy reforms and reliable security arrangements will be made, and he expected a coordinating role to bring in Pakistani investment.

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