Sunway College Announces Free-Five Day Crash Workshop on AI

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Kathmandu – Sunway College proudly announces its upcoming Free-Five-Day Crash Workshop  on Artificial Intelligence (AI) tailored exclusively  for +2 students starting 31st Baisakh. The Workshop shall continuously run every week for 10 weeks with a fresh batch of students starting every Monday.

This Five-day workshop brings together students from across the country to dive into the exciting world of artificial intelligence by equipping them with the fundamental concepts of AI with hands-on activities.The students will have the opportunity to to dive into engaging discussions about AI’s impact on various aspects of life,learn to craft powerful prompts to get amazing results from AI Language Models and also work together to build a prototype of a driverless car.Additionally,participants will receive certificates upon successful completion of the workshop,enhancing their credentials and demonstrating their commitment to to continuous learning.

The Free-Five day Crash Workshop on AI is open to all  +2 students from any stream(Science,Management,Humanities) with no prior experience or technical background required.

AI stands as the cornerstone of modern times, offering not only 100% employability but also embodying the most sought-after skills of our times. It’s important we equip young people with knowledge on AI,ensuring they can navigate it ethically and securely, distinguishing credible information from misinformation. Sunway college Kathmandu, in collaboration with Birmingham City University,UK, offers a Bachelor’s degree in Data science and Artificial Intelligence.Workshop participants have the opportunity to vie for the  AI scholarship at Sunway.

For more information and registration details, please visit (link to the registration form directly 

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