• सलोनी शंकल्प स्नेह छात्रवृत्ति कोष ५१६७०हेर्नुस् आज मिति २०७८साल कार्तिक १ गते, साेमवारको राशिफलराष्ट्रिय फुटबल टोलीको प्रदर्शनले नयाँ आशा जगाएको छः युवा तथा खेलकुदमन्त्री गहतराजदशैंमा बिदापछि आजबाट सरकारी कार्यालय खुल्ला हुनेआईसीसी टी-ट्वान्टी विश्वकप क्रिकेट आजबाट शुरु हुँदैविजया दशमीको तेस्रो दिन आज पनि आफन्तजन तथा मान्यजनबाट टीका लगाउने र आर्सीवाद लिनेक्रम जारीगएराति काठमाडौं उपत्यकालगायत देशका विभिन्न भूभागमा हावाहुरीसहित वर्षादशै पछि प्रकृतिसंग एकछिनPakistan emphasizes to scale up investment in sustainable, resilient water infrastructureदसैँको पहिलो टीका लगाइसकेका जिल्लाका किसानलाई अहिले धान काट्न भ्याइनभ्याई

    Interview with former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi

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    प्रकाशित मिति : ११ आश्विन २०७८, सोमबार ०५:४०

    Kathmandu- Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi has said that cricket diplomacy will be established between Nepal and Pakistan.

    In an interview with News Agency Nepal in Kathmandu, Afridi said cricket diplomacy was needed to connect the people of Nepal and Pakistan. He said that the future of cricket in Nepal was very good and the government needed to pay special attention to it.

    Mentioning that the Nepali team lost to the Pakistan U-19 team at some point, Afridi said that he would support the Nepali cricket team as much as possible. He said that he would take the Nepali cricket team to Pakistan to play cricket. Edited excerpt from a conversation with Afridi.

    How is the short stay in Nepal going? How is the experience

    I am very happy I am in Nepal now. I am in Nepal now because of cricket. Along with this, another important thing is the connection between Nepal and Pakistan through cricket. During my three-day stay, I have found a lot of attachment towards cricket among Nepalis. Along with my attachment to cricket, I have found Nepalis who love the Pakistani cricket team.

    I have invited some Nepali sports officials to visit Pakistan. I will welcome them in Pakistan. In any case, the connection between Nepal and Pakistan is important in itself. Let it deepen.

    Cricketer, how do you view Nepali cricket, how do you analyze it?

    I remember the Nepali U-19 cricket team defeated the Pakistani team. This means that Nepali players have talent. In the last game I played in the EPL, in that game I saw Nepali players with potential. The team of players including Sandeep Lamichhane is capable. They can introduce Nepal anywhere in the world. In order to develop Nepali cricket, attention should be paid from the grassroots level. Government involvement is very important. It is possible to run a cricket academy with the help of the government, the players get facilities. The best part is that the Government of Nepal is positive towards cricket.

    Joining the Nepal Franchise League, what inspired you to join?

    As a professional player, I talk about cricket. Some players are in search of peace, love and harmony and expect the game to be the same. Cricket is one such sport which, despite the strained relations between India and Pakistan, visited India and conveyed its message of peace. Pakistan wants good relations with its allies and neighbors. Cricket is viewed differently in our region (South Asia). In India, cricket has become like a religion. Relationships can be deepened and strengthened through cricket. I think so. The relationship between Nepal and Pakistan can also be strengthened through cricket. I had never been to Nepal before, She had also seen Nepal. I have visited Nepal despite having problems with my legs. I have also brought a message of love and harmony with cricket lovers in Nepal through cricket.

    What are the issues related to Pakistan and Nepal cricket? How to connect?

    The politics of the two countries are in place. Cricket is different from cricket and cricket diplomacy. This is also a kind of politics. My understanding of this is slightly different. I have come to Nepal to join this cricket. It was unforgettable for me to meet so many people while I was here. I want to connect Nepal and Pakistan through cricket diplomacy. After reaching Pakistan, I invite the Nepali team to play. It will be facilitated by the Embassy of Pakistan in Nepal and the Government of Nepal.

    You have said that you will visit Nepal again with your family. What fascinated such a subject?

    During this visit, I got to travel all over Nepal. Have a short visit. Today I went on a mountain flight. I saw Everest. I looked at other mountains together. I had an exciting experience. So I want to bring my family along. Because if I have a family, I will not be in a hurry to return immediately. I want to go outside the city and see Nepal. Thank you.

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