एनआरएनए एनसिसी कतारद्वारा पुर्व अध्यक्ष लामिछाने,कोरिया अध्यक्ष पुन र सम्पादक बगालेको स्वागतआज मिति २०७९ मंसिर ११ गते, आइतवारको राशिफलओसिसमा उपत्यकाव्यापी बास्केटबलप्याब्सन मध्य क्षेत्रीय बास्केटबल भोलिदेखिग्रिनल्यान्ड र नेसनल युनाइटेडको जित१४७ सीटको नतिजा सार्वजनिक, गणना जारी १५ सिटमा को अगाडि ?दुध उत्पादन बढाउन ज्ञानधाराद्वारा पाँचखालमा कार्यक्रम आयोजनाआज मिति २०७९ मंसिर १० गते, शनिवारको राशिफलसंखुवासभाबाट प्रतिनिधीसभामा भारी मतान्तरसहित दिपक खड्का विजयी, को हुन् खड्का ?१६५ क्षेत्रमध्ये ३४ निर्वाचन क्षेत्रको नतिजा आउन बाँकी, काे कहाँ अगाडी ?
  • Teej Dar: Hindu Women Fasting Festival must be take balanced diet

    न्यूजलाईन्स् मिडिया संवाददाता
    प्रकाशित मिति : २०७९ भाद्र ६, सोमबार १९:४०

    R.B.Budhathoki Sous Chef The Soaltee Kathmandu

    Teej is a festival celebrated by women in Nepal and some parts of India. The ancient science of Ayurveda teaches us that overall well-being is based on a harmonious balance of meditation, physical activity, our environment and food. On Teej Hindu women fast for their husbands to wish them long life. On the day of Bhadra Shukla Tritiya, it is customary to celebrate Teej by worshiping Shiva, worshiping Saptarishi, dancing and singing. This festival is mainly celebrated all over Nepal but it is also celebrated in some provinces of India. Teej a rich culture Practices Love, Life and ort of livingThere is a history of the tradition of eating Dar since ancient times. When leaving the house born after marriage, do not cry sister your brother promised that he will come to get you on Teej Festival. Our rites are the same, but we all feel that modernity has touched us in the practice of taking Fasting food “Dar”. Lord Shiva’s half-Himalaya daughter Parvati kept the first fast so that there would be no harm in Lord Shiva’s health and body. That day was the day of Haritalika Teej. Hindu women have been celebrating this festival since that day.

    Dar is a pre-fasting feast on the eve of Teej. Dar is eaten on the first day of the four-day Teej festival. It is a tradition for Nepalese Hindu women to eat Dar to gain strength to fast on Teej. If you eat with care, you can fast and dance comfortably on the day of Teej. But patients with chronic diseases should pay special attention while fasting and eating regularly.
    In fact, Teej itself is a beautiful festival and even though it has been turned into a fast, eating fruits and staying all day is also scientifically fruitful. The color of Teej festival is that women dress up in red tikka, red clothes, red bangles, pots, etc. The message of this Teej festival is considered that women sing, dance, and pray for the long life of their husbands with joy and hunger throughout the day.

    What kind of food to choose at your Teej Fasting?

    Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic food has its own characteristics in terms of color, region and quality. According to our tradition, eating food on Teej is Sattvic food. Recently, many people have started giving up Sattvic food. Especially in urban areas, it is evident that Tamasic food has increased in taste more than Sattvic.

    All the nutrients required by the body are found in food. Sattvic food develops qualities like peace, restraint, purity and joy. The sacred food items brought with hard work by their own wealth are included in Sattvic food. Cow’s milk and all the dishes made from cow’s milk, ghee, wheat, rice, barley, mung bean, green leafy vegetables, Snack guard, bottle gourd, etc. come under Sattvic food.
    Eating Tamasic food increases vices like anger, monotony, arrogance and destruction. Money earned by suffering others is money of revenge. Meat and fish, alcohol, tobacco, eggs, stale food, bitter yellow curds, foul-smelling insects, impure, onion, garlic, turnip, betel nut, crab etc. are all Tamasic dishes.

    It is not considered good to use too much greasy material. You should eat only what your body needs, and you should keep a lot of salad along with different dishes. Be careful as eating Dar in groups can cause food poisoning. It is not good to drink alcohol along with the diet. Patients with chronic diseases should pay special attention while fasting and eating. You can use kheer(Rice Pudding), Chamre( Yello sweet rice), dakni(Brown Rice pudding), ghee, milk, curd, pachaform potato, fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice, celery, sabudana kheer, sewai, Verities of breads.
    As soon as you want to eat, you want to eat more than the portion, this is wrong. Do not take alcohol, which will not benefit you. Eating dairy foods in moderation is considered good for nutrition. Food experts say that foods like milk, yogurt, butter, and ghee give the body long-term energy, but it is better to eat only as much as your body requires. Avoid including coffee or tea at the eve of Teej.
    Include a lot of fruits, salad, yogurt, Nuts, Green Leafs (Saag) etc. on your menu. One ideal way can be to include various kinds of fruit and vegetable salads. Do not include excessive spicy food on the menu as a spice will make you feel extra thirsty. According to the belief of 84 dishes in Hindu culture; there is a trend of eating a lot of dishes in a small amount. It is best not to consume the chemically colored sweets available in the market. Experts argue that the food does not matter much because people like to eat fish and meat at the rate of modern Teej eve day.
    On eve of Teej day better to take dal(lentil), rice, Mix vegetables curry, beetroot juice, salted ghee, potato salad, mustang potato, dry nuts, potato pickle, carrot halwa, beetroot halwa, malpua, dudh roti(milky bread), Kurauni(reduction milk), peda, paneer masala, salad, ready detox or alkaline water. It is best to do. Their original and traditional food is sufficient nutritious diet on eve of Teej. It is better to eat small meals often than to eat a lot at one time and it is considered good for health too. Do not engage in mobile or TV while eating.

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