• नेपालमा ग्रिन हाइड्रोजन उत्पादनको आवश्यकता र सम्भाव्यतानवदुर्गाको प्रसादस्वरुप टीका थाप्न र आशीर्वाद लिन मान्यजनका घरमा जानेको चहलपहलआज मिति २०७९ असोज २१ गते, शुक्रवारको राशिफलआज मिति २०७९ असोज २० गते, बिहीवारको हेर्नुस् राशिफलआज विजया दशमी : टीकाको साईत ११ बजेर ५१ मिनेटमा, यस्तो छ महत्वचाडपर्वमा घर जान नपाउने फौजीको पीडामा पुष्पनको ‘लाहुर’बडादशैंमा मनमुरी कृषि सहुलियत मिट मार्टको सहुलियत बजारपरिवारसँग रमाइलो गर्नुका साथै आफन्त तथा इष्टमित्रहरुसँग भेट गरेर दसैं मनाउने मेरो योजना छ- बरिष्ट सौन्दर्यबिद महराआज बडा दशैँको सातौं दिन अर्थात् फूलपाती । आज घरघरमा शुभसाइतको प्रतीक फूलपाती भित्र्याइँदैआज मिति २०७९ असाेज १६ गते, आइतवारको राशिफल

    How to make Haritalik ‘Dar’Special Kheer ?

    न्यूजलाईन्स् मिडिया संवाददाता
    प्रकाशित मिति : ११ भाद्र २०७९, शनिबार १९:२६

    R.B.Budhathoki Sous Chef The Soaltee Kathmandu
    The wave of Teej has been seen in Nepal since a month ago. Teej is considered a special day for Hindu women and also a holy festival. Fasting and pre-fasting rates also have a special significance in Teej festival. Kheer (Rice Pudding) Dar is a major and traditional dish in Nepali society. Adding clarified ghee to black pepper spicy kheer is the essence of eating it.

    Kheer is an original Nepali dish made from rice, grains, pulses or their flour. There are many variations of kheer recipe in Nepali cuisine. Kheer is traditionally made by mixing milk, rice, sugar and some dry fruits while cooking Kheer. It is considered good when cooked in dairy milk (unprocessed or unpasteurized). Raw milk has superior nutrition and significant health benefits over pasteurized milk. Raw milk contains greater bioavailable nutrients than pasteurized milk, as well as a wide array of beneficial enzymes and probiotics which are known to have benefits on the immune system and gastrointestinal tractPacket Tetra Pack contains only 3 percent fat but raw milk contain more than 5 percent of fat.
    As the milk you bought at the dairy has about more than 5 percent fat (cream), this type of milk is considered the best for Kheer and Kurauni(reduction milk). The choice of spices and flavors is usually black pepper, green cardamom, rose water, kewra water and saffron. Kewra water, also called kewra essence or kevda water, is a fragrant Indian floral water, in the tradition of rose water, extracted from the flowers of Pandanus tectorius. Kewra water is better known in Southeast Asia as pandan leaf extract.

    Rice pudding is a Nepali version of rice made with short grain sticky rice, milk, sugar, nuts and spices. I learned to make this kheer from my mother which I find very tasty and nutritious. But the real popularity of kheer was accounted to its religious association and temples. Rice was said to be a part of all religious function during the Chola dynasty that upheld rice for its life sustaining qualities. In addition, in that way kheer became an important part of all religious rituals. Therefore, kheer is so popular on the eve of teej festival in Nepal.
    Ingredients required to make kheer: 1 cup short grain sticky rice, 2 liters milk, 1/6 cup sugar or add as required, 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder or 5 to 6 green cardamoms, pinch of saffron, 2 teaspoons chopped or large almonds. , 2 spoons of chopped cashew nuts (cashew nut flakes), 2 spoons of chopped salted pistachio, 2 spoons of golden raisins, 1 spoon of black pepper powder,2 spoons of grated coconut, 4 spoons of Nepali ghee.

    Method of making Kheer: Wash the short grain sticky rice twice or until the water is clear of starch. Then soak the rice in enough water for 15 to 20 minutes. Boil the milk in a thick pot and pour the rice. On a low flame, leave it on simmering heat and stir it time to time until thicken it.
    After it starts to cook well, add cardamom, black pepper and stir with sugar. In another pan, add ghee and toss all the dry nuts until they turn brown and add the cooked kheer and stir it slowly. Now if you like saffron and extra ghee, you can eat it by adding. Kheer can be eaten hot or cold. Sugar free for those who do not eat sugar, take out some before adding sugar. Instead of sugar, if you use palm sugar(sakhar), rock candy (misri) or honey, it will more benefit for your health.
    Using the same method you can make corn pudding, brown rice pudding, foxtail millet sweet pudding (kaguno kheer), quinoa pudding, couscous pudding, vermicelli pudding, semolina pudding, carrot pudding, beet pudding, Oats kheer, pasta kheer, porridge kheer can be made at home and eaten in a delicious way.

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