हेर्नुस् आज साउन ८ गते मंगलबारको राशिफल१७ करोडको लागतमा निर्माण भएको तारकेश्वर नगरपालिकाको प्रशासनीक भबन उदघाटनविद्यार्थीहरुको मागप्रति आईक्यान जिम्मेवार नभएको भन्दै एनकासाद्वारा चरणवद्ध आन्दोलन घोषणासिद्धिश्वरमान अक्षयलोक साहित्यक केन्द्रले बिभिन्न बिधाका २२ भन्दा बढि व्यक्तिहरूलाई सम्मानप्रोफेसनल एजुकेटर्स लिमिटेड र नेपाल लाइफ इन्स्योरेन्स (एनएलआईसी) बीच इक्विटी लगानी सम्झौता सम्पन्नदीपालाई वर्ल्ड स्ट्रेन्थलिफ्टिङ एण्ड इन्क्लाइन बेन्च प्रेसमा स्वर्ण पदकश्रावण सोमबार शिवजीको व्रत किन बस्ने?मिथिला शर्माको गुरुदक्षिणाहेर्नुहोस् आज साउन ७ गते सोमबारको राशिफलसेन्ट जर्ज स्कुलमा गुरुपूर्णिमा सम्पन्न

Infinix GT 20 Pro: The Ultimate Gaming Phone for Top-tier Global Tournaments Central South Asia .

न्यूजलाईन्स् मिडिया संवाददाता
प्रकाशित मिति : २०८१ जेष्ठ ३२ गते, शुक्रबार १६:०८

Kathmandu, June 12, 2024 – Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for young consumers, has recently launched globally the Infinix GT 20 Pro and also launching soon in Nepal, which is Infinix’s first-ever flagship esports-level phone with dual chips. As the Official Gaming Phone for the prestigious PUBG MOBILE Super League (PMSL) in the South Asia (CSA) regions, Infinix is providing mobile gamers with the essential tools for unparalleled gaming experiences. The Live competition is happening in Kathmandu, Nepal from 22nd May to 15th June .
Weiqi Nie, Head of Product at Infinix, expressed his excitement, stating, “The current season of PMSL, EMEA and CSA has captured global attention. The exceptional performance of the Infinix GT 20 Pro has propelled players to new heights, enabling them to secure remarkable victories. We are also thrilled to announce that the Infinix GT 20 Pro is among the first batch of smartphones worldwide to support PUBG MOBILE in 120FPS, offering gamers an extraordinary and immersive mobile gaming experience.”

Infinix GT 20 Pro PUBG MOBILE Version: Tested and Proven for Esports Tournaments
The Infinix GT 20 Pro PUBG MOBILE Version has been designated as the Official Gaming Phone for PMSL ,EMEA and CSA. Before receiving this official recognition, Infinix conducted three rounds of tests on the Infinix GT 20 Pro. The first round, led by the laboratory, assessed the competition device’s basic performance. The second round involved a stress test, simulating a match environment and evaluating both quantitative and qualitative aspects based on player feedback. In the third round, professional players were invited to test the phone’s cooling system and other functions in a simulated full-scenario setting, providing valuable feedback.
After undergoing rigorous testing, the Infinix GT 20 Pro demonstrated its capability and was established as the dedicated esports-level smartphone for PMSL EMEA and CSA. In addition to it, the Infinix GT 20 Pro has also been featured in other major mobile gaming tournaments such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and Honor of Kings (HOK).
Infinix GT 20 Pro: The Only Smartphone with a Dedicated Gaming Display Chip in Its Price Range
The Infinix GT 20 Pro sets itself apart in its price range by offering dual chips that rival flagship Snapdragon processors, delivering esports-level performance and visually stunning experiences. It is the first IRX certified smartphone from Infinix, guaranteeing players a more immersive gaming experience. The phone’s Stable Frame-rate Engine ensures efficient power consumption, optimal rendering efficiency, smart cooling during gaming, smooth visuals, and accelerated network performance, all contributing to an exceptional and efficient gaming experience. Enhanced cooling capabilities, including a larger graphite sheet and a VC Liquid Cooling system, further improve heat dissipation efficiency.
Designed for professional gaming, the Infinix GT 20 Pro boasts a Bezel-Less 144Hz FHD+ AMOLED Display and Dual Speakers with Sound by JBL, providing gamers with an immersive audiovisual experience. With the Clean & Pure OS 2.0, the phone offers a seamless and uninterrupted gaming environment, free from unnecessary software. The Hyper Charge Mode, supported by a 5000mAh battery and 45W Fast Charging, ensures extended playtime without long waiting periods.
The Infinix GT 20 Pro showcases the Cyber Mecha Design, capturing the Infinix GT spirit of Metal, Power, and Speed with a unique Turbine Blade Pattern pattern for dynamic, high-performance aesthetics. Its Mecha Loop LED Interface offers extensive customization, with eight color combinations and four lighting effects, allowing gamers to personalize their device extensively. Inspired by the intricate structure of beehives, the exterior design aligns with modern gaming’s vibrant aesthetics, making it a standout choice for gamers seeking performance and style.
Vision Toward A Holistic Gaming Ecosystem
Infinix’s focus on esports stems from its vision of integrating the power of gaming into everyday life, beginning with the Infinix GT 10 Pro and evolving through the Infinix GT 20 Pro. Looking ahead, Infinix aims to create a comprehensive gaming ecosystem, offering cutting-edge technological experiences with the newly launched Infinix GTBOOK—a laptop developed in collaboration with Nvidia. It boasts advanced CPU and GPU technology, superior cooling, and high-refresh-rate displays, all embodied in a design that epitomizes the Infinix GT family’s innovative spirit. This expansion of Infinix’s gaming ecosystem is unprecedented in the industry.

Pricing & Availability:
The Infinix GT 20 Pro is now exclusively available in global and emerging markets, featuring captivating colors such as Mecha Blue, Mecha Orange, and Mecha Silver. With generous memory configurations of 12+256GB and 8+256GB, this powerful smartphone provides ample storage space to fulfill all your digital needs. For accurate pricing information, please refer to the regional and country-specific launches.
About Infinix:
Infinix Mobility is an emerging technology brand that designs, manufactures and markets an expanding portfolio of devices worldwide under the Infinix brand which was founded in 2013. Targeting young consumers, Infinix focuses on developing cutting-edge technology embodied in meticulously designed mobile devices that offer refined style, power and performance. Infinix devices are trendy & attainable with the end-user at the forefront of every step forward.

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